“Thoughts on the Past” – Psalm 25:6-7

“Thoughts on the Past” – Psalm 25:6-7

As David goes through this difficult time, he continues to give us a transparent view of his thoughts and emotions.

God’s past compassion

David thinks back to how God has walked with him through so many trials. He could feel and see God’s compassion. God carried him, loved him, comforted him, provided for him, and delivered him. However, David does not feel or see any of this compassion, pity, or mercy in his current situation. He wants God to remember how He has cared for David in the past and care for him the same way in this present situation.

God’s past kindness

David also reflects on God’s kindness and favor that he has experienced in the past. God did not just deliver him from Goliath; He made him a national hero and part of the king’s family. God did not just deliver him from Saul; He made him king. David’s whole life has been a demonstration of God’s kindness and favor. Now David does not see any of this. He wants God to remember all of the kindness of the past and pour it out on David in his current difficulty.

God’s past character

This is not just how God has been towards David. This has been God’s character towards His people from eternity past. David see God’s compassion and kindness to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and so many more.

David’s past sin

David now shows a concern that we all have; maybe my current problems are God punishing me for my past sins. He asks God to forgive his habitual sins and his errant ways. David does not know of any current sin that would deserve his current trials, but he is haunted by so many sins of his youth.

David’s plea

David wants God to remember him and show him kindness and grace. He does not want this because he deserves it. He wants this because he wants God’s goodness to be on display.


In the Christian life, we will go through times where we feel like God’s love, compassion, grace, kindness, and presence have all left us. David shows us how to handle this. From David we can learn:

Christians will go through dry times where they feel like God has forgotten them.

Christians should seek the Lord and be honest with Him about how we feel.

Christians should pray for God to move in their situations.

Christians should study and know the character of God.

Christians should search their hearts for sin and ask for forgiveness.

Christians should desire God’s glory above all.


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