“Christ’s Victory” (Part 3) – Psalm 9:13-16

“Christ’s Victory” (Part 3) – Psalm 9:13-16

The last few weeks we have been looking at David’s song of victory. We pick up in verse 13.

Actively opposed

As we listen to David sing his song of victory, we could quickly come to the wrong conclusion. David has won victories, but David is CURRENTLY facing opposition. It is easy to have confidence after you have received victory; David has confidence when he has not received victory. David confidently cries out to God for victory. Several things of note:

  • David asks on the basis of grace. He has done nothing to merit the victory.

  • David is confident because God has done this before.

  • David’s goal is to glorify God.

Sin brings defeat

David here acknowledges how God has ordered this world. In His wisdom He has judged that evil will act as a trap. David believes God’s Word and this gives him confidence. He knows that evil men will fall into their own trap. Sin will destroy those who practice it. In light of this, David takes some time to meditate before he finishes his song of praise.


Are you currently facing difficulties? Do you have confidence in the Lord coming through for you? We must:

  • Believe what God has said in His Word and repent. Believe in what He has done in the person of Christ.

  • Come on the basis of God’s grace as seen in Jesus’ death and resurrection.

  • Have the glory of God as our only motivation.


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