True Feminism (Titus 2:3-5)

True Feminism (Titus 2:3-5)

The professing church is losing her children at an enormous rate. We are also constantly being bombarded with a false understanding at what it means to be a woman. Although these things may not seem related they are linked. Our culture has pushed careers so hard that our children have been left with a giant relationship void. The young people of today long for meaningful lives, answers to hard questions, and almost above all a mentoring relationship with someone older and wiser. Paul shows us how to address all of this in Titus 2.

Qualified older women must teach younger women

There are many women wanting to have the hearts and minds of the next generation. We must be very careful that we only allow wise, godly women to teach our children. The generational divide must not just be crossed, it must be eliminated. We can no longer have generations that do not interact. We must encourage intergenerational relationships that result in the mentoring and discipleship of the next generation of women.

Biblical instruction on being a woman

It is not very hard to find Bible studies for women. It is very difficult to find one on what Paul teaches here in Titus 2. Teaching on true biblical femininity is lacking. It is not just enough to form intergenerational relationships, those relationships must pass on specific teachings about being a Christian woman.

Family first

It does not take much in depth study of Titus 2 to notice that the emphasis is on a happy Christian family. That is to be a woman’s focus. She cannot concern herself with careers, hobbies, or ambitions. She must be concerned with her husband, her children, her relationship with God, and her home. Her primary ministry is to her family.

For the glory of God

God honoring women promote the Gospel in our society. Homes that are falling apart bring reproach to the name of Christ. If we are to see our nation turn to Christ we must have godly women focusing on being the woman God has created them to be.


How can you help impact the next generation for Jesus Christ?


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