You Do Not Know the Bible (John 10:34-42)

You Do Not Know the Bible (John 10:34-42)

Upon hearing Jesus’ declaration that He was one with the Father, the Jews get ready to stone Jesus for blasphemy. Remember that the Jews were people who loved, revered, studied, and memorized the Scriptures. They “knew” the Bible very well. However, Jesus completely disarms them by quoting Scripture. He brings to light that these “biblical” people were largely ignorant of the Bible.


The Hebrew word for “God” is elohim. It is the plural form of el meaning “god.” In Exodus 7 God tells Moses that he will be elohim or “a god” to Pharaoh. God is saying that Moses has been given the authority by God to command Pharaoh to let the Jews go. He stands in God’s place. In Exodus 22, we find that the word elohim is translated as “judges.” There are people who have been made delegates of God’s authority and are to enforce His law (Romans 13.) This power is limited and defined by God.

Psalm 82

Jesus quotes Psalm 82 which is a Psalm about earthly judges or elohim, “gods.” The passage is about men who have moved beyond their defined position and are now perpetrating injustice by violating the law of God. Jesus quotes verse 6 which speaks of God giving to man His power to enforce His Law by making them elohim, or “gods. The Psalm ends with God judging these men for rejecting His Word.

Jesus shows they are Biblically wrong

Jesus is saying that if God would bestow god-like power and authority on mere men, is it really a stretch that His own Son would actually be divine? Jesus is showing these “Bible thumpers” that they are not just completely ignorant of what the Bible actually teaches, but they are actually acting like the judges in Psalm 82 that God is going to judge for refusing to obey His Word. He calls them to believe Him based upon His actions being in accordance with God’s Law.

There is no debate

There is no ensuing debate on Scripture. The reason is simple. The goats and wolves will not follow the Bible no matter what it says, so they just refuse to discuss Scripture and plot in secret. The sheep believe Scripture and the testimony of John, so they have nothing to debate.


Will you humbly acknowledge that you do not know the Bible as well as you think you do? Will you set down with those you disagree with and discuss Scripture with them? Will you follow Scripture? Will you repent of your pride, ignorance, and sin and surrender your life to Jesus Christ?


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