Not Making a Decision is Making a Decision

Not Making a Decision is Making a Decision

I once asked a man if he would follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. He stared at the ground and did not answer. Eventually his answer came, “I am not going to say, ‘No.'” However, he would never say, “Yes,” nor did he follow Christ’s teachings. I have many similar conversations over the years. People know what God requires of them, yet they will not do it. They keep delaying and putting off what they know they should do. However, not making a decision to obey is making a decision to disobey.

As a pastor, I have to ask people to do hard things. This may be repenting, apologizing, or a host of other things. One thing that I have noticed is that we as humans deceive ourselves into thinking that we are ok so long as we do not consciously rebel against God. If we live “No” but never say, “No,” we conceive that somehow we are not actively rebelling against God. This simply is not true. Not making a decision for Christ is making a decision against Him. You are either for Him or you are against Him.

Moses called, “Who is on the Lord’s side?” Some people did not actively rebel against God, they just silently stayed where they were. By refusing to answer Moses they made it clear that they were not on the Lord’s side. They literally stayed where they were with those who opposed God and loved their sin.

We live in a day that calls for decisive action. The boat is leaving the shore. The final boarding call has been given. To sit still is to consciously decide to not board the boat. Not making a decision is making a decision to miss the boat. I do not know what God is calling you to do, but please realize that your actions or lack of actions make clear your decision. Quit lying to yourself; you have already made your decision. Will you continue in your disobedience or will you do what He has called you to do?


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