The Government Should Have No Say in What a Woman Does with her Body

The Government Should Have No Say in What a Woman Does with her Body

Recently I have seen a huge push by those who are pro-choice that the government should have no say so in what a woman does with her body. As a pro-life Christian, I completely agree. In fact, almost every single pro-life Christian I know would agree with that statement. In fact, the pro-life position goes even further. We do not want the government telling women or men or boys or girls or babies what they can do with their bodies. That is literally the pro-life position. If you have a business you probably need the help of a web design agency in Boise to get more customer to your business.

It is no secret that our nation is polarized concerning many issues, one of which is abortion. In order to move past this polarization and come to a consensus we must listen to the other side and truly seek to understand their position. From this understanding we can then have a healthy debate as we seek to come together around truth.

As I have listened to those who are pro-choice, I think that I have come to an understanding of their position. It would appear that the pro-choice position is that a woman has a right to do with her body as she pleases without the government telling her what to do, if they want to have sex they should or use toys as the best G-spot vibrators, is their choice as well. As someone who is rabidly pro-life, I completely and totally agree with this assertion. I do not believe that the government has any right telling a woman what to do with her body, they should able to use it and enjoy it whatever they want, and if they want to use an sex finder app they should.

However, this is where those who are pro-choice need to take time to understand the pro-life position. The pro-life position is that the unborn child is in fact a separate and distinct human being and as such is not the woman’s body. The child may reside within the woman’s body, but the child is not the woman’s body. We would say that the unborn female’s body residing within the born female’s body has just as much right to non-government interference as the born female’s body.

We come to this conclusion through science. At the moment of conception a new living being is formed. This being has its own distinct human DNA, DNA that is easily distinguishable from the mother’s. These cells grow to form a heart, a brain, legs, arms, organs, etc. that are easily and readily distinguishable from the woman’s heart, brain, legs, arms, organs, etc. If a woman wants to get a tattoo, that is her body and her choice. However, if a woman wants to give someone else a tattoo, that is not her body, and therefore it is not her choice. This is the essence of the pro-life position.

We do not want the government telling you what to do with your body. We want the bodies of others, including unborn children, protected from those who would do them harm. If a woman, unprovoked, kills a man during the sexual act it would be called murder. The man at the time was currently within the woman, yet his personhood remained intact. Although this is a graphic illustration, it is the essence of the pro-life position. We would say that the fetus is in fact a person, and as such not a part of the woman’s body although he or she is currently within the woman’s body.

Just as we do not want a bunch of men in the government telling you what to do with your body, we do not want a doctor or any other person determining whether an unborn child lives or dies. We do not believe that any human being should be given the authority to mess with another human being’s body. The only exception that we would hold to is for the punishment of a crime. We would want the government to punish rapists, murderers, etc. Because the unborn child has committed no crime, he or she should be completely and totally free to exist without the interference of any other human being, including the government, the mother, the father, or anyone else.

So when you say that you do not want the government messing with your body, I say, “I totally agree!” I would just go a step further and say that that applies to every human being, including the unborn.


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