Day 3 – Pine Ridge Mission Trip

Day 3 – Pine Ridge Mission Trip

Today was our first day of work. We were blessed to have ten Lakota men working with us throughout the day. Projects included pouring cement, constructing walls, getting a mobile home ready to move, moving a Lakota family from Rapid City back to Pine Ridge, and various other projects. It was great to see old Lakota friends and learn what has been going on in their lives, both good and bad. We have devotions, pray, and sharing our meals with them, so we have a lot of time to just talk. Turns out that one of the men was friends with the father we heard about yesterday who was killed as he was walking his children along the road. Another man is going to get married this weekend.





Since the video didn’t work in yesterday’s blog, here is a panoramic picture of the inside of the facility we are working on.


We ask for prayers for our Community Outreach BBQ tomorrow. We are having this in a new location/town (Manderson, SD), which is a spiritually dark part of the reservation. Gangs are commonplace and the devil is very strong in this community.

By the way, the sunsets are beautiful.


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