Day 4 – Pine Ridge Mission Trip

Day 4 – Pine Ridge Mission Trip

Wow! We had a great day. We worked on a wide range of projects today:

  1. We worked with two local Lakota ranchers to have their cattle checked and vaccinated by a Veterinarian mission team (Aaron got kicked and Luke got dumped on).
  2. We prepared to remove a trailer that will be replaced by the trailer we are living in right now. This included digging out the tongue and wheels.
  3. We started installing the steel roof on the rehabilitation center. It was hot today, so “on a hot tin roof…” applies.
  4. We completed yesterday’s family move from Rapid City and picked up kitchen cabinets for the rehab center.
  5. We even went to inspect a tower to see if it is in good enough shape to be used as an antenna tower for a FM christian Lakota support station.
  6. We ended the day with a Community BBQ out in Manderson, SD. About 100 people attended and even one of the actors from the movie “Songs my Brother Taught Me” was there. We had a great time serving and sharing. We handed out several donations we brought with us (blankets, toddler clothes, hats, and spiritual trinkets provided by a Thrivent Action Team grant). Again, we had just the right amount of food, which is a great blessing! On the way back, we had an “Oh Well” moment when one of the vehicles carrying home a mom and kids ran out of gas. The team spent the time playing with the kids on the side of the road and when they finally got gas the kids asked “When can we do it again?”.

We look forward to what God has in store for us tomorrow.

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  1. Dianne Murphey

    God is using you in great & meaningful ways. It is so inspiring to read of your works. Thank you for modeling a giving spirit.

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