Day 5 – Pine Ridge Mission Trip

Day 5 – Pine Ridge Mission Trip

We continued working on the rehabilitation center (staining kitchen cabinets, running internet cables and the roof sheet metal is almost done). In addition we continued work on getting the old trailer dug out so it can be towed away for the new (well it is 40 years old) to replace it. You can see in the picture below of the kids playing and they are getting excited to have a new home arriving soon, possibly tomorrow. Several of us will need to move out of the “new” trailer before we move it (where we go is not clear at this time).



This evening we invited a local Lakota Bible Study group to have dinner with us and we joined their Bible Study. Many of the members are from the Church we built and attended for several years. We learned of their struggles and we jointly prayed with them for help from Jesus.


Prayers include continued good weather and that we continue to have so many opportunities to reach the local Lakota community.


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