Children of Satan (John 8:37-47)

Children of Satan (John 8:37-47)

Jesus now addresses the Jews’ belief that being a physical descendant of Abraham made them right with God.

It is not your ancestors that make you right with God

Jesus openly acknowledged that the Jews were Abraham’s physical descendants. However, their desire to kill Him showed that they did not have the nature of God dwelling in them. Jesus had only spoken the truth the Father had given Him to speak, and they rejected Jesus because God was not their Father.

It is the spirit that matters

Even though the Jews were Abraham’s physical descendants, they were not his spiritual descendants. It they had Abraham’s nature, they would love Jesus. Because they want to kill Jesus for speaking God’s truth they show that they do not have the spirit or nature of Abraham. He is not their father; someone else is their father.

Lost sinners are dead and cannot hear the truth

No matter how many ways Jesus says the truth, the lost Jews cannot hear it or comprehend it. They are still caught up in their physical genealogy. Jesus points out that if God was their Father they would love the One Who speaks His truth. However, they are dead in their sins and cannot hear the truth.

Our actions show our nature

The Jews proved themselves to be the children of Satan because they did his bidding and showed forth his nature. They hated Jesus and rejected the truth just like Satan. They were spiritually the children of Satan; as such they did not even care to entertain a debate on truth. They simply rejected Jesus without even hearing what He had to say.


According to your lifestyle, who is your father? Will you repent of your sins and be born again?


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