Co-Heirs with Christ (Ephesians 1:11-14)

Co-Heirs with Christ (Ephesians 1:11-14)

The Apostles have an inheritance

Paul now turns his attention away from the Ephesians and speaks about himself and his co-laborers. By God’s grace he has been predestined for an inheritance. This was God’s plan for Paul and the Apostles. God purposed to give them a wonderful inheritance.

God is glorified by the Apostles

God has saved Paul and the Apostles as a display of His grace. This work He has done so that He would be glorified. This was His purpose in saving them first. This was the result of their faith in Christ.

All  believers are the same

Paul now shows that all those who trust in Christ are the same. We easily can see how God would love the Apostles or bless them. However, we often doubt that He would do the same for us. Here Paul shows that all the blessings they have are ours as well in Christ. There is no difference between believers. All have the same inheritance in Christ. All have believed in the same Christ, and all have been saved through the same faith in the same Gospel.

Sealed by the Holy Spirit

We can be assured of this inheritance because the Holy Spirit that indwells us is the seal. Just as a contract was signed and sealed to show its official nature, so our inheritance in Christ has been sealed by the Holy Spirit. He is the One Who is evidence of the promise. It is His working in our lives that shows us that we have an inheritance in Christ. He is the down payment of our salvation. He is the guarantee that we will receive our full inheritance in Christ.

Redemption of the purchased possession

Our inheritance has been purchased for us by Jesus. We are co-heirs with Him. In His death He took our sins, and in His resurrection He gave us His righteousness. As such we will receive the same inheritance. We have this inheritance purchased and waiting on us, and it will become fully ours when we die or Christ returns.


Will you praise God for the grace He has shown us by making us co-heirs with Christ? Will you receive the gift of salvation? Will you tell others of Jesus Christ and what He has done?


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