What Truly Matters (Ephesians 1:15-16)

What Truly Matters (Ephesians 1:15-16)


In light of the spiritual blessings that are in Christ Paul draws a conclusion: faith in Christ is what matters. If we truly believe in the spiritual blessings that are in Christ we will seek only one thing, genuine faith in Christ. Inheritances, the economy, popularity, family relationships, acceptance by our neighbors, financial success, business success, etc. does not really matter if there are spiritual blessings in Christ. What we value shows a lot about what we truly believe.

The reputation of the Ephesians

Paul had heard of the Ephesians faith and love for the saints. That is what the believers there were known for. This should really make us question, ” If someone told the Apostle Paul about Antioch, what would they tell him? What am I known for? Am I known for my faith? Is my love for the saints readily seen?” Their faith was very evident because Jesus was literally all they had left. As the Ephesian community turned on the believers and their businesses tanked, their only hope was in Christ.

True faith produces love

Their faith was known to be genuine because of the demonstration of love they had for other believers. As Jesus had said, they were known by the love they had for one another. The fruit of the Spirit, love, was clearly seen in their lives. Paul here shows us what 1 John teaches that true faith in Christ will be seen in our love for the brethren.

God is glorified

Paul glorifies God for the Ephesian church. As a believer the one thing we long for the most is to glorify God. Suffering can seem so pointless at times, but Paul encourages the believers by saying that God is being glorified through their struggles.

Paul is praying

Not only does Paul give God glory for the Ephesians, he is also praying for them as well. This is what the Ephesians need the most. They do not need a new government or a better economy. They need prayer.


Do you believe this? Are you looking for genuine faith in your children or worldly success? Has your faith produced love for the saints? Are you praying for those who are going through a difficult time?


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