“Direction from God” – Psalm 25:4-5

“Direction from God” – Psalm 25:4-5

As we saw last week David is in trouble. He feels as if God has abandoned him. He is out of options. Many times we find ourselves in these situations. What are we supposed to do?

Where is God going?

This psalm shows us the inner thoughts of a man after God’s own heart. Here it is seen so clearly. David is not asking what God would have him do. Instead, David is asking where God is going. David wants to be wherever God is. That is his only desire. So often we are focused not on the person of Christ but our own efforts and works. David knows that if he is where God is, God will take care of everything else. In many respects this is what it means to walk in the Spirit. Wherever He leads, we go. It is interesting to note that David does not just want to know where God is going, he wants to be taught about God’s path. He wants to understand God’s heart and character. He wants his mind and heart to be conformed to his God.

God’s truth

It is interesting that David uses an expression that echoes into our present time. He speaks of wanting to be lead into God’s truth. In our age people reference their own truth, meaning that truth is subjective. David acknowledges that his own truth is subjective, which therefore makes it not truth. In light of this he wants God to teach him what is actually true. Instead of learning from this world, he wants to learn from God Himself.

Faith in God’s Character

David’s hope is in God; he has nowhere else to go. God has saved him in the past, and God will save him from this present crisis. He rests in God’s unchanging character and salvation.

Waiting is a normal part of the Christian life

David has chosen to wait on God as opposed to exerting his own effort. He is willing to wait all day long as opposed to acting in his own strength. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit, and there is only one way to grow in patience, you must wait on God. Waiting for God to give direction of move on our behalf is a normal part of the Christian life.


Are you seeking to know God’s heart or only focused on what you see?

Are you seeking the Truth that is Jesus or walking in what you believe to be true?

Are you patiently waiting on the Lord?

Will you trust the Lord in your current situation?


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