“Faith Means Waiting” – Psalm 27:7-14

“Faith Means Waiting” – Psalm 27:7-14

Main thoughts:

David has expressed his unwavering faith in the Lord. He now prays for God to come through for him in his trials. He demonstrates with each petition what true faith looks like.

Acceptance by Grace

David comes before the Lord on one basis, God’s merciful and gracious character. True faith acknowledges that “No one comes to the Father but by Me.” Our only standing before God is Jesus Christ by God’s grace. True faith acknowledges this.

Seeking the Lord

True faith seeks the Lord and realizes that God’s face is what is most important. We can become so consumed with the cares of this life that we forget to seek God Himself. We so often forget that the greatest thing we need is God. True faith seeks His face.

Faith confesses guilt

David knows he is a sinner deserving of God’s wrath in this life and the next. This is why he has asked God to be gracious to him. He asks for God to not hide His face and not be angry with him. He does not want God to cast him off and forsake him. He is confident God will not do this because God has saved him. True faith acknowledges our sin is deserving of God’s wrath.

God as Father

Although we do not know exactly what is going on, it would appear that David’s parent were either unable or unwilling to help him at this point in his life. David is not concerned though because God has adopted him into His family. God will be a far better father than any earthly parent. True faith sees our acceptance before God as His beloved child.

God’s ways are best

David has no idea what to do, but he knows that God’s ways are best. He seeks the Lord for direction and wisdom believing that God will answer him. Faith trust God’s direction as opposed to our own.

Deliver me from my enemies

David has faith in God’s ability to deliver him even from the most violent men. He trust God for protection. Faith rests in God’s protection as opposed to worrying about what men can do.

Blessings in this life

Although Christians are concerned with the life to come, we believe that God works in our lives here on earth. Our relationship with God does not mean health and wealth in this life, but it does mean that we will see God’s goodness in our lives here on earth. Faith trust God for this life not just the next.

Faith means waiting

David knows that God will deliver him. He has no doubt. Furthermore, David believes that this deliverance will take place in this life. He will see God come through for him. In light of this unwavering faith, David concludes that there is only one thing to do, wait. Because deliverance comes from the Lord, we must strengthen our hearts in Him and wait for Him to move in His timing. Faith means waiting.


Are you trusting in Jesus Christ?


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