Do You Believe?

Jesus has just finished telling the Pharisees that their opportunity to be saved has passed. They are confused as to what He means.

Jesus is the Son of God

Jesus has been constantly declaring that He is the Messiah Who has come to earth to save men from their sins. Here, He once again points out His divine origin. The Pharisees have heard this many times, but they still do not understand because they are lost.

We must believe in Who Jesus says He is

Jesus shows us that men die in their sins because of unbelief; they refuse to believe Jesus. He shows that the Pharisees are without hope because they do not believe that Jesus is Who He says He is. Even though Jesus has told them many times Who He is, they still do not get it. In fact, at Jesus’ trial they ask Him Who He is. Unconverted people refuse to even listen to Who Jesus claims to be. The only way of salvation is belief in Who Jesus says He is: the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

Jesus is only concerned with the Father’s will

Jesus is not concerned with being popular or even answering men’s questions. He knows far more than He is telling them. His only concern is doing what His Father has told Him to do. He is not concerned about being ignored by men; He has His Father, and that is enough. Jesus is far more concerned with the Father’s presence and approval than man’s.


Who is Jesus? Do you believe that Jesus is Who He said He is? Are you concerned with man’s approval or God’s?


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