Dying to Self (John 12:20-29)

Dying to Self (John 12:20-29)

While He is in Jerusalem some Greeks come to see Jesus. Jesus teaches them and His disciples the true meaning of His life and how to find meaning in our own lives.

Seeds as an illustration

Jesus speaks of planting a seed in the ground. In doing so, the seed will cease to exist or die. However, this seed will produce a plant that will grow to produce fruit. If the seed refuses to die it will always be fruitless; however, if the seed willingly dies it will produce much fruit.

Jesus’ impending death

Jesus is going to die just like the seed in the illustration. He knows that in doing so He will save an untold multitude of people. He cannot seek to hold onto His life; to do so would destroy His entire purpose for coming. He must willingly lay down His life in order to save many.

We must die like Jesus

Like Jesus, we must die to self. We must lay aside our own dreams and ambitions to live for God’s glory. This is what it means to follow Jesus. It is only in doing this that we will bear fruit.

Death to self is the only way to glorify God

God speaks from heaven that He is glorified in Jesus. The way we give glory to God with our lives is by giving up the self-life to advance His Kingdom.


Will you die to self for the glory of God?


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