“Enemies Within and Without” – Psalm 31:9-16

“Enemies Within and Without” – Psalm 31:9-16

Main thoughts:

Last time we looked at David entrusting himself to God in the midst of his trials. This week we will be looking at verses 9-18 as David describes his current conditions. Every child of God can relate to some aspect of what David is going through.

Grief (9-10)

David cries out to God in the midst of his struggles. He is in trouble and distressed. Although he does not provide details a large part of David’s current trials is that he is overcome with grief. He describes this grief as not just crying but stomach churning. He is not speaking of just a momentary struggle either. He is at the point where he feels like his entire life is consumed by years of grieving. Although there may be multiple losses that he is grieving, David makes clear that his greatest grief is over his own sin. He is filled with sorrow for all of his sins and is finding it difficult to have the strength to continue.

As believers we will face losses and grief. Jesus was a “Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.” (Isaiah 53:3.) However, a true Christian’s greatest sorrow is his own sin. He grieves deeply over what he has done. It causes him more sorrow than anything else. Many times the reminder of our sin saps the very life out of us.

Man’s hatred and indifference (11-13)

David is not just struggling with inward grief and sorrow. He is also facing trials because of others. David is being slandered by his enemies. Because of this David’s neighbors and friends have forsaken him and turned against him. Perhaps even worse than this is that David feels forgotten. Everyone has moved on with their lives leaving him all alone in his trials. He feels discarded and cast aside. He has heard what people are saying about him. He knows how people are plotting to kill him.

As believers we will also face significant adversity from other people. We will be slandered and attacked. People will plot against us. However, many times we are not prepared for close friends to turn against us and cast us aside. We can feel forgotten and overlooked. Sometimes we mistake being forgotten by man as being forgotten by God.

Faith in God’s Deliverance (14-16)

David’s lament now takes a distinct turn. He encourages himself in the Lord. He is trusting in the Lord. He has laid his life in God’s hands. God will deliver him in His own time and in His own way. God will protect David from those who would harm him. David’s circumstances will change so that David will once again feel like God is smiling down on him. God will deliver David for the sake of His own character.

We must not look to our circumstances as an accurate measure of how God truly feels about us. We will find enemies without and a terrible sinner within. Our hope is found outside of us in the person of Jesus Christ. We must entrust our lives to His hands. He will deliver us as a display of His mercy and grace. God’s face shines on us in the person and work of Jesus Christ.


Will you trust Jesus through your trials?

Will you trust Jesus with your soul?


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