“Whose Approval Are You Seeking?” – Psalm 31:17-24

“Whose Approval Are You Seeking?” – Psalm 31:17-24

This week we finish the psalm by looking at David’s conclusion.

Silence my enemies (17-18)

David cries out to God for victory over his enemies. He asks that God would cause them to be defeated and that He would silence them. He literally wants them put on mute until the day they die.

We must continue to trust God when we are slandered and attacked. Instead of trying to stop the rumors we must trust that God will silence those who oppose us.

Praise for God’s deliverance (19-20)

David remembers God’s goodness and praises Him for deliverance. He shelters His people from the attacks of those who slander them and plot against them. David has been public in his devotion to the Lord. David realizes that he has something better than favorable circumstances; he has the experience of God’s presence and love.

God is worthy to be praised, and we must live lives of public devotion. We can praise God in the midst of our trials because He is going to protect us and deliver us. We must make the choice, do we want the acceptance of man or the presence of God?

Recalling God’s goodness (21-22)

David recalls that God has heard his prayer, and he praises His name. He remembers when he thought God had forsaken him. However, God heard his prayers and answered him.

God hears our prayers even when we feel like He has forsaken us. We must continue to trust Him and praise Him because He will come through for us.

Encouragement for others (23-24)

David now calls on others to love God because of God’s care for the faithful and opposition of the proud. As we wait on the Lord we should be strong and face our struggles with courage.

We must learn to love God more than we love peace or prosperity. God will preserve us if we are faithful, but He will oppose us if we are proud. We will have to wait on God. We must strengthen our resolves as we wait, and God will gives us the strength to face our trials with courage.


Are you public in your allegiance to Christ?

Do you desire the praise of men or the praise of God?


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