Every Believer is to be a Theologian

Every Believer is to be a Theologian

In Acts 2 we read that there was a dramatic change that took place in each believer. Remember that these were all Jews who knew the Old Testament Law very well. Upon being converted to Christianity they came to realize that they had missed the whole point of the Law, Jesus Christ. This resulted in a continued hunger for the Word of God among the believers. They continued in the Apostle’s doctrine. From this we learn that:

Every believer is to study doctrine

Every believer studied the Word of God and learned doctrine. This was not something that was exclusive to the men. Women studied the Word of God as well. Also, we read of Timothy being taught the Bible as a young child by his mother and grandmother. Every believer in Jesus Christ is to study doctrine.

Our ignorance is destroying us

In Hosea 4:6 God says that His people are destroyed because of their lack of knowledge. The church is being ravished by false teaching and stunted growth. This is because God’s children have not applied themselves to learn sound doctrine. The time has come where they would rather have their ears tickled.

We must study

Our growth in doctrine will only come from intentional study of God’s Word. We must be continually applying ourselves to the study of God’s Word. This is the primary way we mature in the Christian faith. Growth comes from the hard work of studying, nothing else.

There is a final exam

At the end of the day we will all be judged by Jesus Christ, and it is a pass or fail exam. We must study in such a way that we will pass the test. If we desire to be approved of God we must study God’s Word and apply His teachings to our lives.

Will we be ashamed of our work?

When our life’s work is over, what will we have to present to the Lord? Will it be something that we are ashamed of? Is our life going to be a display of ignorance and immaturity because we refused to study? Will we hear, “Well done”?

We must rightly divide the truth from error

Doctrine divides truth from error. The only way we can know Jesus is through rightly dividing truth from error. The only way we can be assured of our salvation is to correctly understand doctrine.


Only believers filled with the Holy Spirit can understand the Word of God. Are you born again? Are you studying the Word of God? Will you begin studying the Word of God?



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