Foundation 10: Evangelism (Mark 5:15-20)

Foundation 10: Evangelism (Mark 5:15-20)

Evangelism should be natural

Whenever anyone had an encounter with Jesus they instantly told everyone about it. Many times Jesus told them not to tell anyone, yet they told everyone anyway. Throughout the New Testament sharing what Jesus had done for you was a natural thing that virtually everyone did without prompting or command.

Self-righteousness kills evangelism

The reason we have such a hard time sharing the Gospel is that we have forgotten what we were when Christ found us. We can judge and condemn those who will not “get their act together.” “Why can’t people be more like us?” This prideful attitude forgets that we are wretched sinners apart from God’s grace. The only difference between us and the worst sinner is God’s grace. Because of this we should have compassion for the lost. They are where we were when Christ found us.

Humility and grace drive evangelism

When I am convinced of my complete depravity and God’s amazing saving grace, it is only then that I will have compassion on the hurting and lost around me. It is only then that I will not be ashamed of the Gospel. When I realize the glorious truth that Jesus saves sinners like me, I will not be silent in sharing what He has done for me.

We are commanded to go everywhere with the Gospel

Evangelism is not just something that believers should naturally do it is something that we are commanded to do. It is one of the great purposes for which we have been born again. God has commanded us to share the glorious news of the Gospel with everyone on earth.

We cannot be distracted

Like the disciples we can become more concerned with our country than the Kingdom. We can be more concerned with earthly things instead of the souls of men. We cannot afford to be distracted from our task. We must seek to share the Gospel with everyone we come in contact with.

We will have eternity for comfort

We naturally desire a life of ease. It is very tempting to seek to retreat from this world into a perfect Christian utopia free from sinful people. However, we are going to spend eternity in such a place. Today we have been called to storm the gates of hell. We will rest when Christ calls us home. We will have forever to fellowship in heaven. Until that day comes we must go into the world and compel people to come to Christ.


Who will you share the Gospel with? Will you join us in reaching our community for Christ?


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