Foundations of Our Faith (Psalm 11:3)

Foundations of Our Faith (Psalm 11:3)

The foundation of our faith is under constant assault. If the foundations crumble, our faith will fall.

We must strengthen and pass on the foundations

If our faith is going to stand, we must strengthen the foundations. We must constantly be reminded of and refresh our minds to the great foundational truths of Christianity. In addition to this we must pass on these truths to our children and others who are new in the faith.

Jesus is our foundation

Christianity could be summarized as “Following Jesus.” Jesus is the foundation of our faith. It is His life and teachings that comprise what it means to be a Christian. Our faith stands on the teachings of Jesus, the Apostles, and the prophets.

Jesus is the Word of God

Jesus is the Word of God. You cannot follow Jesus and not follow the Bible. You cannot follow the Bible and not follow Jesus. To say that your faith is built upon Jesus but not the Bible is impossible. Jesus’ name is the Word of God!

The Word of God is sufficient for all of life

It is not enough to believe that the Bible is true. It is not enough to say that the Bible is the source of your faith or practice. The Bible must actually be obeyed in all areas. All traditions and ideas must be laid aside to follow Scripture. Scripture is all that is needed to live a life that hears “Well Done!” Scripture is sufficient for all of life.


Will you follow the Word of God? Will you study to make sure that you are following the Word of God? Will you reject anything that is contrary to God’s Word? Will you pass this conviction on to the next generation?


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