God as Father (Psalm 68:5-6)

God as Father (Psalm 68:5-6)

Because this Sunday is Father’s day, we are going to be looking at God as a Father from Psalm 68.

God identifies as Father

When Jesus revealed God to us He revealed Him as Father. Of all the positions and relations that He could have chosen God ordained the position of father to most closely resemble His character, nature, and operations in this world.

Fathers have an awesome responsibility

In light of this fathers have a huge responsibility. Our children’s understanding of God the Father will largely be shaped by their understanding of their earthly father. If we are cold and distant they will conceive of God as cold and distant. If we are loving and present the will conceive of God as the same. We have been given one of the most amazing tasks a human being can be given, we are to model Who God is to a watching world by how we interact with our children.

Fathers are vitally important

God’s identity as Father tells us something else, a father is most often the most influential person in a child’s life. There is something within a child that responds positively or negatively based upon their relationship to their father. Virtually every problem within our society goes back to fathers who are physically absent, emotionally absent, or abusive. In light of this we must never demean or diminish the role of fathers and we must not take lightly our massive role in our children’s lives.

God’s Father heart extends to the fatherless

In our passage today though we see God’s heart extends to the fatherless. Part of my job as a man is to open my home and life to children who need a father. Men of God have always opened their lives for the fatherless and widow. This means that we should pursue foster care, adoption, and mentoring relationships. No single mother should feel that there is no father-figure in her child’s life; the men of the church must see to it that they fill this pivotal role. We should “adopt” widows as well. This is the very essence of the Christian religion (James 1:27.)

God is the perfect Father

Father’s Day is a day of great pain for many people. Their fathers were not there for them or they have a strained relationship with them. Many people in our society live with this pain. What we see in Psalm 68 is that God adopts these people into His family and is a perfect Father to them. No matter how much hurt you may have from your earthly father God is Father to all those who come to Him through Jesus Christ. He alone can heal the wounds you have from your earthly father.


Will you be the man God has created you to be? Will you come to God the Father?


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