God Keeps His Promises (John 19:17-42)

God Keeps His Promises (John 19:17-42)

Throughout our lives we can be plagued with fears and doubts. Does God love me? Will He come through in time? In this passage of Scripture we find many things that will boost our faith.

Every tongue confesses Jesus

God has promised that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. Here we can see the beginning of this fulfillment. Not only does Pilate identify Jesus as King, but he writes it in multiple languages so that all people might know the truth. If God keeps His promises through His enemies He will keep them for His children.

Fulfilled prophecy

There are so many prophecies that are fulfilled in Jesus’ death and burial. Everything from His manner of death to where He would be buried was written in the Word of God. Each prophecy was written alongside the promises of God to fulfill His covenant and save His people. If God fulfills the prophecies He will fulfill His promises.

Jesus’ commitment to His mother

Even as Jesus dies an excruciatingly painful death He remembers to care for His mother. He asks John to treat Mary as his own mother. If Jesus remembered Mary while dying on this earth He will remember His children while He lives in heaven. If He remembered His mother in pain He will not forget His children in the pleasures of heaven.

Jesus’ personal involvement in fulfilling prophecy

We sometimes view the ideas of faithfulness, covenant, commitment, prophecy, etc. as cold and disconnected. However, we can see from Jesus’ interaction with His mother and His request for something to drink that Jesus is personally involved in keeping His Word. He takes care of His mother because He loves her. Even a simple request for something to drink is Jesus keeping His Word. If Jesus was so personally involved in fulfilling HIs Word over a drink we can be assured that Jesus will be personally engaged in fulfilling His promises to His beloved children.

Even Jesus’ death and burial show His faithfulness

Even after Jesus is dead God continues to keep His Word. Not a bone of Jesus was broken. He was buried in a wealthy man’s tomb. All these things are “not under the control” of a dead man, but Jesus is still in control. If death cannot break God’s promises than nothing will! If Jesus keeps His Word even while dead He will keep His Word while He lives in heaven for us!

Jesus will keep us Word

The whole of this passage affirms everywhere we look that Jesus will keep His Word. He has promised to save and keep all those who come to Him in faith. He has promised it, and He will fulfill His covenant!


Are you trusting in Jesus?


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