God’s Glory on Display – Psalm 8:3-9

God’s Glory on Display – Psalm 8:3-9

Last week we looked at children being created to glorify God. David now continues his mediation on God’s glory as he looks at the night sky.

The insignificance of man

As David looks at the expanse of the universe he begins to feel how small he is. Compared to the whole of creation, man is insignificant, yet God has taken notice of man and made him the highest of His creation. This is incomprehensible to David.

The exalted position of man

The fact that God takes notice of man is mind-boggling. What is even harder to comprehend is the position that God has given man. He has placed us over all the works of His hands (Genesis 1.) He has given us dominion over all things. In our pride we think we deserve this position, but if you truly look at the vast expanses of the universe, the fact that God gave man dominion is hard to fathom.

Jesus is the true fulfillment of this Psalm

In Hebrews 2, we see that Psalm 8 is really about Jesus. Jesus is the One Who was made for a time lower than the angels by becoming man. Jesus is now the One Who has been exalted to have rule over all. This fulfillment by Jesus gives the Psalm even greater meaning.

When the angels fell, God gave them no Redeemer and no forgiveness. Yet when man, this insignificant creature, was given the highest of positions in God’s created order, man rebelled against His Creator. In spite of this rebellion, God humbled Himself and became a man. He died for these rebels so that they might not just be forgiven, but be made partakers of His glory! This boggles the mind even further than our first reading of Psalm 8.

The Gospel is the greatest display of God’s glory

The sending of Jesus to this earth to die for sinful man is the greatest display of God’s glory there is. It is greater than all the stars in the sky. In the Gospel we see God’s humility, wisdom, grace, justice, mercy, power, wrath, etc. There is no attribute of God that is not on full display in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


In light of this we must:

  • Make proclaiming the Gospel our greatest aim
  • Not allow lesser things to distract us from the Gospel
  • Rehearse the Gospel constantly to ourselves and others


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