Raising Children to Glorify God – Psalm 8:1-2

Raising Children to Glorify God – Psalm 8:1-2

In this Psalm David looks at the stars in the sky and is overcome with the glory and greatness of God. He is in awe of the position and honor God has given to man. This Psalm is also prophetic of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ. This week we will look at how this Psalm is prophetic of Jesus being praised at the Triumphal Entry.

Little children are ordained to praise God

Just as all of creation has been created to glorify God, so have little children, even infants. God has ordained that they would glorify Him. The word translated as “strength” or “praise” literally means loud or strong shouting of praise. If you think of a few little boys shouting a song at the top of their lungs you will get the picture. This is exactly what God had in mind when He created children.

The triumphal entry is the fulfillment of Psalm 8

When Jesus rides the donkey into Jerusalem, the Pharisees are not happy. The quiet, worshipful atmosphere of the temple has been completely disrupted by these loud children screaming “Hosanna” at the top of their lungs. When they try to get Jesus to calm them down and make them quiet Jesus quotes Psalm 8:2 to them. Psalm 8:2 is literally fulfilled in Jesus, but this also gives us the understanding we need for life today.

We must raise our children to praise Jesus

As seen throughout the entire life of Jesus and as taught in Psalm 2, children are a pleasure in God’s sight. He delights in them and delights in their praises. This is literally why they were created. If we are raising our children with any other end in mind than the glory of God we are missing the entire point of their existence. We must raise our children to glorify God; that is the end for which they were created.

Our children living for God’s glory silences our critics

One of God’s ordained methods for advancing His Kingdom is Christian parents discipling their children. The philosophies of this world will die; they cannot succeed. The only way they can be perpetuated is by passing along these ideas to the next generation. When Christians have an entire generation of children living for God’s glory behind them to take their ranks as they die the enemies of Christ will see their defeat.


We must change our view of children and the noises they make.

We must change our goal for our children.

We must raise our children to praise Jesus.

We must make everyone glorifying God the goal of our lives.


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