God’s Judgment is Devastating (Amos 3:9-15)

God’s Judgment is Devastating (Amos 3:9-15)

God’s judgment is public

The sins of Israel are public. The surrounding nations all know of Israel’s sins. God calls even the heathen nations to sit in judgment against Israel. This call to the heathen indicates several things. First, Israel is no longer ashamed of her sin; she publically displays her sin for the whole world to see (Jeremiah 6:15.) Second, even heathens condemn what Israel is doing. The people of God have become worse than the surrounding nations (1 Corinthians 5:1.) Lastly, God’s eternal judgment will be public for the whole world to see. We will give account for every secret sin (1 Corinthians 4:5.)

The Sins of Israel

The sins of Israel are listed here, and they give us a vivid description of the times. First, there are riots and fights in the streets. There is no more decency or order. Secondly, there is an oppression of the righteous, the innocent, the weak, and the poor. People with money and power are constantly taking advantage of others. Third, it is as if the people are incapable of doing what is right. A casual observer would think that the people did not even know what right was. Everywhere you looked people were living in open sin. Lastly, the wealthy got their money through violence and theft.

God’s judgment is devastating

Like a shepherd finding the remains of a sheep so it will be with God’s judgment. Every good and usable thing will be devoured. What will be left is simply the refuse. When God judges a nation or an individual it is devastating. No one will be able to withstand God’s judgment (Nahum 1:6.)

God’s judgment is complete

God does not issue partial judgments or return to a case later. When God executes judgment it is final, total, and complete. God’s judgment of Israel is going to begin with their idols’ temples and not end until every single home is cleaned out.


What Amos described looks a lot like our nation today. We must repent or we will face God’s judgment. Like Amos we must proclaim God’s certain, devastating judgment upon sin. We must call people to repent and turn to Jesus.


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