“How to Fear God” – Psalm 34:11-14

“How to Fear God” – Psalm 34:11-14

Main thoughts:
After telling how blessed it is to fear God, David now tells us how to fear God.

Discipleship’s Goal (11)
David now invites the men who have joined him in the cave of Adullum, and everyone for that matter, to follow him in order to learn the fear of God. Discipleship is seen not in the sitting in a classroom but in the learning through following a life lived. The word order in the Hebrew indicates that the emphasis is on the subject matter, the fear of God, not the one teaching. We must learn the fear of God.

The Blessings of Fearing God (12)
Abundant life is available to those who fear God. If we desire a good life filled with the good of living for God’s glory, we must learn to fear God.

How to fear God (13-14)
Speak no evil – We will give an account to God for every word we speak. To learn to fear God, we must stop talking about that which is evil.

Stop speaking deceitfully – We can very quickly lose control of our tongues. In order to fear God, we must ensure that everything we say comes out of a heart of truth and leads our hearers to perceive the truth.

Turn away from evil – In order to fear God, we must run from the things He hates. We must put our sins to death.

Do good – It is not enough to stop sinning. We must also do what is good. The one who fears God maximizes his time to do the most good he can.

Seek peace – We must seek to live at peace with God and others.

Pursue peace – It is not enough to seek peace for it will often elude us in our search. It is something that must dogmatically be hunted down.

Do you fear God?
Are you doing what will lead to the fear of God?
Are you discipling others in the fear of God?
Will you repent and believe in Jesus?


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