Joy in the Midst of Difficulties – Psalm 5:8-12

Joy in the Midst of Difficulties – Psalm 5:8-12

Last week we left off with David’s desire to avoid evil. He acknowledged God’s hatred of evil and his fear of God. We saw how David was allowed in God’s presence because of God’s grace and mercy, not David’s righteousness.

Prayer for guidance

David must walk through this life surrounded by enemies who are seeking his downfall. Because of this he asks God to guide him and make his way plain. The pitfalls in life are many. We need God to guide us each step of the way so that we do not fall.

The hatred of God’s people

It is important here to note the true nature of those who are opposed to God. First, what they say is not always what they do. They are not faithful to keep their word; we cannot trust them. Secondly, despite the outward appearance their inmost being is filled with wickedness. We can easily be deceived by wolves in sheep’s clothing. Lastly he shows that what comes out of their mouth is vile depravity even though they may say nice things to our faces. We must not be deceived by those who flatter us. Many times they are trying to set us up to destroy us.

Prayer for victory

David’s prayer here does not sound very loving until we consider what is going on. Do we want people plotting murder to succeed? He wants justice from the Lord. He also wants to see their plans thwarted and turned against them. As Christians we should desire God to bring justice and prevent the ungodly from succeeding in their plans to do evil.

Prayer for joy

Faced with God’s wrath and surrounded by enemies, David’s pray makes sense. Because of his faith in God and God’s defense of David, he loves God. In light of this, he asks God to fill his life with joy. Notice this joy is not something that he wants to find in himself or his circumstances. He wants to find this joy in God. One of the fruits of the Spirit is joy. We should cry out to the Lord to give us joy in the midst of our trials. We must also seek this joy in God alone.

Faith for the answer

David ends his prayer in faith. He knows God will bless him and protect him. Because of God’s grace David knows he will experience God’s favor.


Are you seeking God’s guidance or are you trusting in your own ideas?

Are you praying for God to bring justice?

Are you seeking joy in God?

Do you believe God will answer?


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