“Morning Prayers” – Psalm 5:1-7

“Morning Prayers” – Psalm 5:1-7


This Psalm is a song that is sung in the morning. It is written by David. It is intended to be accompanied by a flute.

David seeks the Lord in prayer

The Psalm begins with David imploring the Lord to hear his prayer. The phrasing in the Hebrew is that David like a general is arranging his prayer like troops for the battle. He is directing his prayer in such a way that it will be heard. He then stands looking to heaven to see his prayers answered. He is confident that God will hear and answer him.

God’s hatred of sin

David acknowledges God’s holiness. If David desires to be heard he must repent of his sin. David is also begging God for deliverance from evil. He arranges his prayer in such a manner as to call God to deliver him from the very things God hates as well. David speaks of God’s hatred of sin. God utterly abhors all evil and will give it no place in His presence. The wonder here is not that wicked men are condemned by God; the wonder is that anyone is loved by God. God demonstrates His hatred for sin by sending Jesus to die for our sins, and He demonstrates His mercy by changing our natures through the resurrection of Jesus.

God’s judgment

Because of God’s holy hatred of sin, He will destroy all those who persist in it. God will pour out His wrath on those who continue in murder and lies. Ultimately, sinners will be thrown into hell where they will experience God’s hatred.

God’s mercy

David is a sinner. How then can he hope to stand before such a holy God? David acknowledges that his acceptance before God is based upon God’s character not his own. God’s mercy changed David from loving sin to fearing God. It is this grace that ensured David that God would accept his worship and hear his prayers.


Will you acknowledge your evil nature and God’s just hatred of it?

Will you seek God’s grace and mercy in Jesus Christ to change who you are?

Are you assured of your standing before God?

Are you faithfully seeking the Lord each morning?


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