“Our Perception of God” – Psalm 18:25-28

“Our Perception of God” – Psalm 18:25-28

David now reflects on the actions of God towards men.

Our perception

Verses 25-26 show that our perception of God shows more about who we are than Who God is. God is just. He does not respect persons. His law is perfect and never changes. Our response to God’s law changes our perspective of God. If we break God’s law we will view God’s law as wrong and God’s justice as cruel. If we see God’s law as good, we will see God’s justice as pure and merciful.

Humility vs. Pride

Pride is really behind our perception. When we come face to face with God’s Law we must do one of two things, reject it or accept its judgment. We can reject His law in a myriad of ways, by distorting it, ignoring it, etc. However, behind all of this is pride, a pride God rejects. The humble person who accepts the judgment of God against themselves will find God merciful, gracious, and kind in the person of Jesus Christ.

Light in the darkness

David seeks more light from the Lord in faith that God will give him understanding and change his situations. In the same way, when we encounter parts of the Bible we do not understand, we must accept them as good, loving, and true; we must then humble ourselves and seek the Lord for illumination.


Our view of God says so much more about who we are than Who God is.

How do you view God?

What does this say about us and our actions?

Will you humbly seek for the Lord to show you Who He is?


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