“Sustained Through Trials” – Psalm 18:29-36

“Sustained Through Trials” – Psalm 18:29-36

David continues reflecting on how God has brought him through his trials.

Supernatural strength

David declares that by God’s strength he can fight an entire company of soldiers and win. He can jump over the highest wall. David is showing how what has happened to him is impossible. By human standards, he should not be here. It is God that has brought him this far, and God that will sustain him into the future.

God’s Way is Perfect

David looks back on what most of us would call a horrible experience; however, David views it as perfect. Like Joseph, David realizes that what others meant for evil God has used for good (Genesis 50:20.) God has worked all things together for David’s good (Romans 8:28.)

We can trust God

In light of these things, David glorifies God. He declares that God keeps His promises; His word is true. God is like a shield for those who trust Him; the arrows will fly and the blows will come, but God protects His children. Like a solid rock God is immovable and unshakable. We can depend upon Him and trust Him with our lives.

God carries His children through difficulties

God is the One Who has brought David this far. Yes, God rewarded David because he was righteous, but David attributes his righteousness to God. Like a mountain goat walking up a cliff face, David is able to do what seems impossible because God carries him. No matter what difficulties may come, God will give David the strength to do what is impossible. God is the source of David’s strength. God has brought him this far, and God will not abandon him now.


David’s experience is common to all Christians. We will all face horrible trials and difficulties. Yet, when we look back, we will see two things: God sustained us and His way was perfect.

Are you trusting God to carry you through this life?

Will you believe that His way is perfect?

Will you believe in Jesus?


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