“Christ’s Victory Over Our Sin” – Psalm 18:37-50

“Christ’s Victory Over Our Sin” – Psalm 18:37-50

As we finish out this Psalm we see David praising God for the strength He gave to defeat his enemies. We will look at it from three different perspectives.


David describes in detail how he defeated the Amalekites. He then describes how Saul was defeated and God refused to answer Saul. From there he speaks of how quickly and easily he will defeat the surrounding Gentile nations. A simple reading of 1 and 2 Samuel show how God delivered David, defeated all of his enemies, and established him as king. David gives God all the glory for what He did in his life.


In vs. 50 David speaks of God’s King, His Annointed (Messiah,) David, and His Seed. Jesus is God’s King, the Messiah, the reality of which David was the shadow, and the true Seed of David. David’s deliverance is a picture of the actual reality that is Christ. Jesus defeated His enemies and was delivered from death by the power of God. This Psalm is actually a testimony to Christ and His victory.


What does this Psalm mean for me?

First, I am not the hero, I am the enemy. I must repent and turn to God’s King before it is too late. He will defeat all His enemies, but offers peace through His Christ. Just as David’s mighty men joined forces with David, so we too must give our lives to Jesus Christ.

Second, God gives us victory over our enemies through faith in Jesus Christ.

Our enemy is not people

Unfortunately when we read these Psalms we view our enemies as other people. It may be a politician, a terrorist, someone who hates Christianity, an ex husband, an abuser, etc. However, the Scripture is clear, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12.) Our enemy is the world, the flesh, and the devil. Jesus did not die to kill Muslims, Democrats, Republicans, etc.; He died and rose again to defeat your hatred, selfishness, and pride. The true enemy is our sin.

Victory over sin through Jesus

Romans 7:25-8:13 is a great parallel passage to the conclusion of Psalm 18. In this passage we see that Jesus has defeated our enemy, sin. He has given us the strength to kill our sin so that it doesn’t rise again (Psalm 18:38.) We are to continue this war against sin until we have completely destroyed it. Although this process of sanctification is not complete in this life, the Christian’s victory over sin has been secured through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Sin will not win (Romans 6:14.) This is why in Romans 15:8 Paul quotes Psalm 18:49; we glorify God for the victory He has given us. The way we overcome our enemy is by faith in what God has already done for us in the person of Christ (1 John 5:4.)


Have you bowed the knee and submitted your life to Jesus Christ?

Are you fighting your true enemy?

Do you believe that Jesus has defeated your sin?

Will you walk by faith in the victory Jesus has already provided?


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