“General Revelation” – Psalm 19:1-6

“General Revelation” – Psalm 19:1-6

In this first section we deal with General Revelation. Romans 1:19-20 is an application of this Psalm. Today we are going to be addressing the question, “How can God condemn people who have never heard the Gospel?”

General Revelation

Although David uses very poetic language, he also uses very precise language. He shows us that creation teaches us much about God. All of creation shows us God’s glory, power, and nature. This voice of nature transcends all cultural, ethnic, and language barriers. All human beings have knowledge of God and Who He is. This knowledge can easily be discerned from nature. This is called “General Revelation.”

What nature teaches us

Nature teaches us that there is a God. This God created us and transcends us. Because we have been created by this God we owe Him our worship and obedience. He is a God of order and a God of laws. The natural laws teach us that there are universal moral laws as well. Just as the sun gives us the ability to see, so nature gives us the ability to see much concerning God.


Part of General Revelation is the human conscience. The word conscience literally means “with knowledge.” We are born intrinsically knowing that there is a God Who must be worshiped and obeyed. Our conscience also gives us a general understanding of God’s Law. As we look at nature, it confirms what we know within our conscience.

The pervasiveness of sin

We often think of people as benighted or ignorant. Psalm 19 does not leave us that option. All people have a knowledge of God. They are not ignorant; they have instead rejected what they know of God. God does not condemn ignorant people because there are no ignorant people.


Christians have abandoned many fields, including science, because of their hostility to Christianity. We must take the Gospel into these dark places. We need Christians in every field shining the light of God’s glory.

Those who respond to general revelation will receive special revelation. Cornelius is proof of this. However, God sends special revelation (the Gospel) through us. We must be obedient to proclaim the Gospel.

We must be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. God knows Who He is calling to Himself. We need to not pursue our own understanding but follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. He will lead us to where the harvest is ripe.

All of creation proclaims the glory of God. We must do what we were created to do and proclaim God’s glory.


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