“Special Revelation” – Psalm 19:7-11

“Special Revelation” – Psalm 19:7-11

In this second part of David’s Psalm we now look at what is known as “Special Revelation.” General revelation is the general knowledge of God that we can glean from looking at His creation. Special revelation is the direct voice of God revealing to us His thoughts, character, and will. Special revelation is contained in the Word of God alone. Jesus reveals God directly to us, and He is the incarnate Word of God (John 1.)

The perfection of God’s Word

David uses six phrases to tell us how perfect God’s revelation to us is in His Word. As we look into what David is saying we see the perfection of God’s Law and His wisdom and will revealed to man. It is in the Bible alone that we come to know God perfectly. It is in the Bible alone that Jesus Christ, the only Way to the Father, is revealed.

The value of God’s Word

Because of all that the Bible is we should see the supreme value of God’s Word. It is more important than all the wealth of the world. It is to be desired more than anything this world can offer. It is more precious than even the best food we could eat. We must fill our entire beings with the Word of God.

The use of God’s Word

The Bible is not just valuable as a theory. It is not just a beautiful poem or moral code to look at. No, the Bible admonishes us and warns us of our sin. The Bible points out our need of a Savior, and the Bible reveals that that Savior is Jesus Christ. In keeping God’s Law there is tremendous reward. However, we see in God’s Law that we have not kept His Law and subsequently we are cursed not blessed. Jesus has redeemed us from the curse of the Law by becoming a curse for us (Galatians 3:13.)


We must dedicate our lives to reading and understanding God’s Word. We must approach the Word with humility and a desire to see and know Jesus Christ.

How is your devotional life?

Will you commit to reading the Bible more?

Do you seek Jesus in the Word?

Do you know Jesus Christ?


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