“The Personal Response to Revelation” – Psalm 19:12-14

“The Personal Response to Revelation” – Psalm 19:12-14

David now concludes by giving a personal response to what God has revealed.

The depths of our depravity

After looking at how God has revealed Himself in nature and in the Bible, David realizes his own depravity. In frustration he asks who can be aware of all of their own faults and sins. The truth is that in our pride we are blind to our many failures and sins. The more we look at Who God has revealed Himself to be, the more we realize that our sinfulness is beyond our ability to understand.

God makes us clean

God’s law has taught David that he is unable to do anything to be free from his all pervasive sin nature. Because of this he cries out to God to make or declare him clean. However, David desires more than just a cleansing from his apparent sin. David knows that his sin runs far deeper than he could ever imagine. He wants God to cleanse him from the sins that he is not even aware of as well. The idea of making or declaring David to be clean demonstrates that what God declares to be He also does. In other words, God does not just justify us (declare us righteous), He also sanctifies us (makes us holy in reality.)

The battle with pride

David realizes how much his own pride leads him to sin. The term “presumptuous” simply means that which is done in arrogance or with overconfidence. He knows that there are going to be times when he relies on himself and his own strength and ideas. He begs God to keep him from his pride. He does not want his pride to rule, and ruin, his life.

Victory in Christ

David knows that if God cleanses him from his many sins and restrains David from acting in pride, David will be clean in God’s eyes. Notice that David is relying on God for holiness, not himself. He knows that he is full of pride and many other sins he cannot even see; however, his victory is found in God’s grace. It is God that will keep him from many sins and great rebellion. So, too, our only victory is found in looking to Jesus.

A desire to be acceptable before God in all things

David concludes this psalm with a prayer. David’s prayer is that everything he says and thinks will be pleasing in God’s sight. Notice David is not concerned with earthly blessings or the approval of man. He just wants to please God. He ends his prayer by acknowledging that God is the One Who can accomplish this. He has no strength apart from that which God imparts.


Do you see your sin?

Are you crying out to God for forgiveness and cleansing?

Will you live for Christ’s approval?


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