Power for Fruitfulness (John 15:1-8)

Power for Fruitfulness (John 15:1-8)

As the disciples are on the way to the Garden, Jesus talks about vines and fruit.

Christ is our life

We are branches whose only life comes from the vine. Separated from Christ, we are unable to do anything. It is only the life of Christ within us that enables us to bear fruit and conform to His image. As we stay attached to the vine we will produce more and more fruit.

The Father prunes us

As we grow in the Lord, there will be many things in our lives that will not be fruitful. The Father knows what must go so that we will become more fruitful. He will cut many things out of our lives so that we might bear the fruit that He desires of us.

Salvation is by faith

This passage is not teaching us that we must do something to be saved. Christ is clear: we are made clean through Him and the faith we have in His Word. We do not abide in order to be saved; we abide because we are saved.

Many “saved” people are lost

The true evidence of salvation is fruit. “You will know them by their fruits.” (Matthew 7:16) If someone’s spiritual life is lifeless, withered, and rotting, it is safe to conclude that they do not have the life of Christ in them. This is not teaching a loss or forfeiture of salvation. Instead, Christ is teaching us that many people will profess faith in Him, but they will never bear fruit of salvation. This is exactly what He teaches in the parable of the sower and the soils.

Fruit only comes through abiding

We were created to give glory to God. The only way to do this is through abiding in Christ. This is what confirms that we are truly Christ’s disciples. Those who are genuinely born again will persevere in Christ and bear fruit. If you desire fruitfulness then you must focus your attention on abiding in Christ. How do you abide in Christ? You fill your life with His Word, you fellowship with His church, you pray constantly, and you devote your life to His Kingdom.


Are you bearing fruit? What is the Father seeking to prune from your life? How can you better abide in Christ?


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