Preservation of the Saints (John 17:11-13)

Preservation of the Saints (John 17:11-13)

Can believers fall away from the faith?

There are three main views on salvation and eternal security today. One view is that because believers choose God they can then turn around and reject Him. If we are saved by our decision for Christ, we have to power to decide to leave Him. The second view is that when we make our decision for Christ our eternal destiny is fixed no matter what we choose to do afterwards. We can live like hell and go to heaven. The third view is the biblical view, those who are saved by God are kept by God in a state of grace.

Salvation by God not man

The first two views hold the same view of salvation, namely that we are born again by our own will. This is directly contrary to the whole of Scripture. In our text, Jesus clearly teaches that we are given to Him by the Father. We are saved by God, therefore our salvation depends on us being kept by Him. Jesus does not pray for us to obey, He prays for the Father to keep us. The One Who began our salvation is the One Who keeps us until the end. Saints persevere in the faith because they are preserved in the faith by the Father.

Our hope is Christ not us

Our salvation does not depend upon our performance; praise God! If we fix our eyes on Jesus we will overcome. Our faith is not in our ability to obey; it is in His ability to save. Our faith is that the Author of our faith will be the Finisher of our faith.

Preserving unity while infiltrated by wolves

The people of God are unified because of Jesus Christ; the division is caused by wolves infiltrating the church like Judas infiltrated the disciples. Just as Jesus “lost” Judas, we must be willing to part with wolves for the sake of the church. A unified church free from wolves is a church filled with joy.


Are you looking to Jesus or your own works? Will you turn to Christ in faith? Will you help guard the unity of the church from wolves?


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