Receiving the Truth (John 14:16-21)

Receiving the Truth (John 14:16-21)

The disciples are troubled that Jesus is going to be leaving them. Jesus’ response has been to talk about heaven and how to get to the Father. He has shown them that He is the only Way and that there is a new life for those who believe in Him. This new life will be characterized by following in Jesus’ footsteps.

The Holy Spirit is our Comforter

In all of our troubles, trials, and suffering God sends His Holy Spirit. One of His names is the Comforter. The Holy Spirit gives us a comfort that is akin to being in the Father’s presence; in fact, because of the Holy Spirit you are in His presence. It is the Holy Spirit Who comforts us and carries us through the troubles of this life.

The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of Truth

One of the primary ways the Holy Spirit comforts us is through revealing the truth to us. Lies only bring a false sense of security. Knowing the truth enables us to persevere in the midst of adversity. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. As such, those who are born again will be known by their love for the truth.

The reception or rejection of Truth divides the world

As humans we constantly divide people into groups: Republicans/Democrats, Black/White, Western/Muslim, Pro-life/Pro-choice, conservative/liberal, etc. The Bible divides men into only two groups: saved and lost. The difference between the two according to Jesus is not the ability to tell the truth in general but in the ability to receive the truth. Many people who are on the “right side” of many issues and “tell the truth” have never received the truth. Primarily, they have never acknowledged the truth concerning God, themselves, and Jesus Christ. Apart from the quickening of the Holy Spirit they are unable to see the Truth or even know the Truth.

The Holy Spirit brings eternal life

Jesus lays out how a person is converted. The Holy Spirit opens their eyes so that they might see the truth concerning God’s holiness and their own depravity. This truth leads them to love Jesus as the only hope and Savior for their soul. This is the work of conversion that results in eternal life and a love for Jesus Christ. This eternal life will be evident by a changed life marked by keeping the commandments of God. It will result in an eternity in the presence of God. This truth, the Gospel, is what comforts believers throughout our earthly pilgrimage.


Have you received the truth concerning God and concerning your own sinful nature? Has this reception of the truth led you to love Jesus Christ? Is this conversion evident through a changed lifestyle? Will you preach the Gospel to others so that they might receive the truth?


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