Rich in Grace (Ephesians 1:7-8)

Rich in Grace (Ephesians 1:7-8)

In Him

As Paul continues to tell the Ephesians about how blessed they are he keeps using the phrase “in Him” or some variation of it. He is trying to hammer into our heads that we are not blessed in who we are or what we have done; we are only blessed in Christ. All of our blessings flow from Him. Every blessing is only found in Jesus.


The next blessing we have in Christ is redemption. Redemption simply means to “gain or regain possession of something in exchange for payment.” We have become the very possession of God in Jesus Christ. Our adoption to God the Father was far more than a mere adoption. No, God has paid to regain us as His own beloved children.

Through His blood

What is the payment that was offered for our redemption? It was the blood of Jesus Christ. Because of our sins we were legally bound to the devil. In Jesus’ death and resurrection we are not just severed from the devil’s grasp and adopted into God’s family, we are actually paid for in full by the precious blood of Jesus. Not only does the devil no longer have any legal claims against us, we are God’s eternal possession bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ which is of far more value than silver or gold (1 Peter 18:-19.)

Forgiveness of sins

Another way of describing our redemption is that we have been forgiven of our sins by Jesus’ blood. Forgiveness simply means a sending away or a letting go. Not only have we been made God’s children and redeemed from the grasp of sin and Satan, our sins have been sent away by Jesus’ blood. We are now white as snow and blameless in God’s sight. Our sins have been removed as far as the East is from the West. Our sins have been nailed to the cross of Jesus Christ and are remembered no more.

Riches of His Grace

Once again the question comes, “Why?”  The answer is that this is just in accordance with God’s nature. God is rich in grace. When we think of God, we so often overlook this aspect of His character. The Greek indicates that God is abundant or overflowing in grace. God has so much grace that it continually overflows on the believer. He needs no reason to adopt us, redeem us, or forgive us. His character is all the reason He needs. God does not forgive us because of who we are; He forgives us because of who He is.

Lavished upon us

The Greek word translated “abounded” literally means “super abounded.” It conveys the idea of filling a tea cup from Niagara Falls. The implication in the Greek is that God has been excessive with the grace He has shown us. God literally lavishes us with His grace. It pours over us and covers us. This is why we are so blessed. Our blessing is not found in that we are rich in this life. It is found in that God who is rich in grace has poured this grace upon us without showing any restraint.


Do you believe this? Will you receive this grace? Are you rich in grace towards others as God has been towards you?


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