The Infinite Wisdom of God (Ephesians 1:8-9)

The Infinite Wisdom of God (Ephesians 1:8-9)

God has poured out His grace upon us

Paul here continues this thought of God’s extravagant grace poured out on us. It was not just poured out in forgiving us; it has also been poured out in God revealing His wisdom and prudence to us.

God’s wisdom

God has shown us how wise He is. The word for wisdom here is “sophia” from which we get the word “philosophy” (love of wisdom.) Who could conceive of such a glorious plan of salvation? Have any philosophers ever come close to such an intricate, perfect plan? A plan that allows for perfect justice and perfect grace?

God’s prudence

The word prudence here refers to moral or mental knowledge. In saving us through Jesus Christ, God has shown how infinitely higher His thoughts are than our own. His knowledge is past us finding out. More so than this God has shown Himself to be morally superior to us as well. We could conceive of a way to pardon someone, and we could conceive of a way to be just. However, we would pardon at the expense of justice and exact justice at the expense of mercy. God has shown us His profound intellect and moral superiority in the plan of salvation.

Revealing to us the mystery of His will

God has shown us how He has saved us through Jesus Christ. This answers the mystery that even angels have longed to understand; how could God not condemn sinners? (1 Peter 1:12, Romans 3:25-26) He has not just shown us how He has saved us, but He has shown us that it was His will before the foundation of the earth to save us. As much as we struggle with the idea of predestination, we must praise God for His grace that has revealed that truth to us.

God’s good pleasure

Again He points to the grace that God has shown us in showing us that He has saved us because it brought Him pleasure or satisfaction. How gracious God is to reveal to us His mind, His will, and His nature! God could have left us with no understanding of why He has saved us, but He has shown us that He did so because it brought Himself satisfaction.

Purposed in Himself

This idea that God purposed our salvation in Himself is remarkable. What we are being told is that God’s salvation was entirely the decision of God free from any outside influence. God did not save us because of what He saw in us. He saved us because that was the decision He came to apart from anything we have done. God was not bound by anything outside of Himself to save us. He saved us because He wanted to.


Do you believe this? Will you receive this grace? Will you seek to know more the wisdom of God?


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