The Background of Psalm 3

The Background of Psalm 3

Psalm 3 was written when David fled from Absalom. In order to better understand the Psalm we will be looking at David fleeing for his life and all that took place at that time.


David’s adultery had very far reaching effects beyond the death of his newborn child. This threw his whole family into turmoil. David’s son Ammon rapes David’s daughter Tamar. David’s other son Absalom kills Ammon for the rape. David eventually allows Absalom back in the nation but their relationship is irreparably strained. David’s home is a wreck, and he seem either unable or unwilling to get it in order.

The conspiracy grows

Absalom declares himself king and seeks to overthrow his father David. David is forced to flee from Jerusalem in order to save his life. As David flees he finds out that more and more of his friends have deserted him and joined forces with Absalom. At almost every turn, David is opposed by more and more people. It seems as if everyone feels like God is no longer with David, and therefore they abandon him.

The plot against David and God’s deliverance

In chapter 17 Absalom is counseled to surround David in the middle of the night and kill him. However, David has friends who counsel Absalom against this and then send spies to warn David. David is able to escape with his life because God delivered him. The morning breaks as David escapes, and he writes Psalm 3 at this point.


Background information helps us to not take verses out of context.

God saves us from the eternal consequences of our sin, but that does not mean we will not face temporal consequences.

Psalm 3 is a song of comfort for those who are facing adversity and betrayal.

Psalm 3 is about salvation through Jesus. It is in Him that God’s blessings are poured out on His people.


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