“God’s Messiah Rules” – Psalm 2:7-12

“God’s Messiah Rules” – Psalm 2:7-12

Last week we looked at man’s sinfulness and God’s response. We left off with God’s response of sending His anointed King, the Messiah.

Nature of the Messiah

We see here that the Messiah is not just a King. He is also God’s Son. Here we have confirmation of many Christian doctrines. This passage shows us the Trinity and the deity of Christ among others.

God’s Decree

A king would give his son a portion of his kingdom to rule. Here God issues a decree proclaiming that He has given the unconverted to His Son. He now has complete authority to rule and reign over all mankind. Notice again, that God is the One Who makes Jesus Lord, not us. He also gives to Jesus the sole authority to judge severely those who sin against Him.

Authorities instructed

God now turns to the rulers and judges who tried to cast off His rule. He encourages them to listen and be wise in their choice of direction. As Christians, we are called to instruct our leaders to follow God’s Law and submit to His Messiah. We must be a prophetic voice teaching all nations to believe in Jesus Christ and obey everything He has commanded (Matthew 28:18-20.)

Serve the Lord

In light of God’s rule and His anointed King, the wise choice is to serve the Lord with fear and joy. Fear and joy seem to be opposite emotions. However, fear and joy can go hand and hand if understood correctly. If I fear God and keep His commandments my life will be filled with joy, and I will tremble at refusing to serve Christ.

Submit to God’s Son, the anointed King

God now calls upon all sinners to bow the knee and submit to Jesus. He warns that judgment awaits those who do not submit to Christ. How are we to bow the knee? By trusting in Him as our refuge from judgment. He is our covering, and His salvation is received by faith alone.


Have you trusted in Christ?

Will you proclaim Jesus as Lord to the nations?

Will you rest in God’s sovereignty over all things?


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