“Unconverted Man’s Hatred of God” – Psalm 2:1-6

“Unconverted Man’s Hatred of God” – Psalm 2:1-6


Psalm 2 is a coronation song for King David. It is a four verse hymn. It is abundantly clear that the Holy Spirit moves the author to sing about far greater truths than David’s coronation. Psalm 2 is a prophetic song about a far greater King, the Messiah, the Son of God.

Man’s rebellion against God

In the first stanza of the Psalm (verses 1-3), man’s hatred and rebellion against God is clearly spelled out. Men are raging against God and their thoughts towards Him are worthless. This leads to prominent men plotting together to stop God’s plans from taking place. Ultimately this leads to an attempt to keep the Messiah from ruling.

We tend to not think of human beings in these depraved, wicked terms. We may view a few men as having this hatred of God, but we tend to view most people as basically good. However, the first stanza shows us the truth of the matter. Unconverted men are OK with God until His commands bind them to a standard they do not want to uphold. When confronted with God’s Law, unconverted men show their depravity.

God’s response

The second stanza gives God’s response to man’s rebellion. God responds in three ways:

  1. God laughs at man’s complete and utter foolishness. The idea of man overthrowing God is so completely ridiculous that God laughs at the idea. This is why God calls man’s plans “vain imaginations” in verse 1. God holding them in derision means that God holds up such men as something to be mocked and ridiculed for the complete insanity they hold to.
  2. God pours out His wrath. God will not be silent against such wickedness. He will punish those who rebel. His punishment will be swift, severe, and final. Even though God scoffs at their plans, it does not mean that He will ignore them.
  3. God sets up His Messiah to rule over sinful men. God sends His Son to Zion to establish the visible manifestation of God’s rule over wicked men. We cannot make Jesus Lord of King; God has already made Him both.


Will you make peace with God through His Messiah?


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