“The Destructive Nature of Sin” – Psalm 7:12-17

“The Destructive Nature of Sin” – Psalm 7:12-17

David continues to discuss the judgment of God against the wicked, specifically those who are slandering him.

The imminence of God’s judgment demands immediate repentance

David has just finished expressing how God is just and has a righteous anger against those who do evil. He now describes what will happen to those who do not repent. God’s judgment is as imminent as an arrow from a drawn bow. It only takes one more step into evil for God to unleash His wrath. Because of this reality, we must turn from our sin immediately. God’s judgment has been decreed; it is fixed. We must repent while there is hope.

Wickedness flows out of evil people

Just as a pregnant woman labors to deliver a child, so the wicked spend a lot of effort to bring about evil. Like a woman giving birth, evil emanates from wicked people. Jesus expressed that evil things do not come out of good natures and good hearts. Instead they come out of wicked natures and wicked hearts (Matthew 5:19.) We will know men by their fruit (Matthew 7:15-20.)

Sin destroys the sinner

We so often focus on the effect of our sin upon others; however, sin ends up destroying us. Those who live by the sword die by the sword. Those who deceive others will end up deceiving themselves. Those who practice violence will succumb to violence. The warning here is apparent; sin will destroy you, repent.

God’s justice causes us to rejoice

Even though David is being persecuted and slandered, he is rejoicing. He is rejoicing because God is a sovereign and just judge. Sin will destroy his enemies, and God will deliver him. Everything will be made right. God is righteous, and for this we should sing His praises.


What do your actions say about the state of your soul? Will you repent today? Will you praise God for His justice?


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