“Finding Life” – Luke 24:1-12

“Finding Life” – Luke 24:1-12

As the women approach the tomb they are met by angels who ask them why they are looking for the living among the dead. This is an excellent question that we will consider.

Our condition

All human beings intrinsically know that something is not right. We know that our world is not the way it should be. We know that there is something “off” with ourselves as well. Many times we experience situations like the death of a loved one, financial difficulties, or marriage problems that make us seek some time of relief.

We seek what is dead

Like the women at Jesus’ tomb we seek for dead things. It does not matter how much we know they will not work, we still seek them anyway. We seek hope through politics, religion, humor, etc. All of these brings a temporary hope or escape, but they all ultimately fail.

Jesus is alive

In contrast to everything we seek, Jesus is alive. He has defeated sin and death, and He gives life to those who are dead. His resurrection gives hope to those who are dead in sin. He gives hope to marriages that are dying. He gives hope to those who are enslaved to sin. He gives hope to those who are grieving.

Faith requires repentance

If we believe that Jesus died for our sins and rose again this means we must stop seeking dead things. Perhaps one of the greatest changes we must make is to turn from dead religious works. We must cease trusting in our performance, righteousness, and actions. We must instead trust in the Living Christ.


Will you believe in Jesus Christ today?


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