“A Cry for Justice” – Psalm 7:6-11

“A Cry for Justice” – Psalm 7:6-11

David has laid his case before the Lord and waited for God’s judgment. He feels vindicated by the Lord and now calls on God to judge the wicked who are slandering him.

Calling on God for justice

David calls on God to uphold His laws and decrees. God has declared these things to be wicked and punishable. David here says that his prayer is what all God’s people are praying for. You can see this in Revelation 6:10 where God’s people surround His throne and cry out for justice.

Calling on God for judgment

David wants God to come and judge his cause. He wants God to look at the righteousness he has by faith and judge accordingly. Those who have been redeemed by Jesus Christ do not have to fear God’s judgment. We know we will be vindicated by Jesus Christ. The life we now live is evidence of this work of grace within our hearts. The wicked do not have such hope and should fear the judgment of God. They will be cut off so that God’s people may live with Him for eternity. David wants God to hasten that day. He wants God to bring an end to the evil actions of the wicked. He knows God knows the truth of what is going on within each heart, and he wants God to judge accordingly.

Confidence in God

David expresses confidence that God will defend him like a shield. God protects the innocent and upright. He has nothing to fear from God and is assured that God will defend him. In the same way, David is confident that God will judge righteously. He knows that God is angry at the evil that is taking place and will set it right.


Do you have an assurance of your standing before God?

Do you fear the day of judgment?

Do you believe the righteousness of Jesus Christ has been imputed to you by His life, death, and resurrection?

What Gospel are we proclaiming? One of self-righteous works or one that looks to the righteousness of Christ?

Are you praying for God to bring justice to this earth?


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