The Disease of the Soul (Psalm 16:11)

The Disease of the Soul (Psalm 16:11)

Over the next few weeks we are going to be taking a break from John to take a closer look at the human condition. We want to see why we were created, how the Fall affected us, and why we desire certain sins. Throughout the whole study we want to see how Jesus forgives us, heals us, and delivers us. It is my prayer that this study will help you see victory over habitual sins, find peace in Christ, and enable you to help others come to know Christ. Please invite those you know who are struggling with addictions, sexual sins, and the like. Also, seek the Lord that He might reveal Himself to you and transform you into the image of Christ.

We were created to enjoy God

Before anything was created, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit existed in perfect unity. This unity was marked by love, joy, delight, and pleasure. God created us to experience this joy in Him. We were created to enjoy Him and experience the sheer ecstasy that is found in the Triune God and His glory.

God’s commands were for our joy

As a loving Father, God gave His creation commands. These commands were given to keep us from experiencing pain, suffering, and death. God wants us to experience the joy that is found in Him, so He commands us to abstain from that which will severe that relationship.

Sin has broken us as human beings

The Fall not only brought about the just condemnation of God towards us in our sins, but it also profoundly affected who we are. Our moral compass is broken. Our hearts crave that which will harm us and despise that which will bring us lasting joy.

We try to treat the symptoms not the disease

Because we are spiritually dead we misdiagnose our malady. We view individual sins (drunkenness, anger, porn, etc.) as our problem. However, these sins are merely the symptoms of a more hideous disease and brokenness within. You can never pull all the acorns off an oak tree; they will only replenish. So it is with sin. You cannot treat the surface sins without dealing with the hidden disease of sin that lies deep within us.

Jesus is the cure

Jesus has come to bring about the cure. He has come to deliver you from the disease of sin. As you are cured of this disease the symptoms (visible sins) will slowly fade away. We must learn from Christ the correct diagnosis. We must learn from Him the true disease of our soul, and we must come to Him to be forgiven and made whole.


Will you seek the Lord for an understanding of why you sin and seek Him for victory?


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