The Door Will Close (John 7:30-36)

The Door Will Close (John 7:30-36)

The Jews now want to kill Jesus for His Words; however, they do not kill Him at this time.

It is not Jesus’ time to die

Jesus is Sovereign Lord over all of creation. He will lay down His life in His own timing; no one can take His life from Him. This is not the right time, so Jesus is not taken and killed by the Jews.

Many people believe

Because of Jesus’ bold teachings and actions, many Jews come to faith in Him. Taking a stand on God’s Word always produces two sure results. One, people will hate you and want to shut you up. Two, people will be converted by the power of God.

The unbelieving Jews are running out of time

Jesus is only on this earth for a little time. Each person only has a few short years of life. The time is running out for the Jews to repent. There is coming a time when they will seek Jesus, but it will be too late. There comes a time when people will seek Him in vain.

The Gate to Heaven will close

Jesus is going to the Father, but many of His hearers will not be able to join Him. They will be rejected by God because they rejected Christ on this earth. We are not guaranteed another opportunity to repent and believe in Christ. Today is the day of salvation. Today may be your last chance.


Is there something that God has called you to do that you are delaying to do? Will you surrender to the Lord today?


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