The Humility of Christ (John 18:12-27)

The Humility of Christ (John 18:12-27)

Jesus now goes to trial. In this passage we see a stark contrast between Jesus and sinful men.

Willingness to discuss vs. shutting down the conversation

Jesus would like nothing more than an open discussion on the truth of Scripture. He has nothing to hide. In contrast, Peter tries every way in the world to avoid scrutiny by changing locations or cursing. The Pharisees do not even want to acknowledge what Jesus has already said publically. They strike Him and condemn Him without debate. The way of Christ is to seek to win someone by speaking to them in love and seeing if you might convince them of the truth. The way of the world is to avoid uncomfortable questions and shut down all debate.

Public truth vs. private lies

Jesus is very open about everything. He has publically taught, and now in private He does not contradict what He has said. Peter has publically boasted that he will stand for Christ, now he denies Him. The Pharisees publically claim to follow the Law, yet they hold an illegal trial at night. In public they follow the Law, in private they beat Jesus contrary to the Law. The way of Christ is transparency, truth, and integrity. The way of the world is hypocrisy, deception, and concealment.

Selflessness vs. selfishness

Jesus clearly allows His rights to be violated without retaliation. He is far more concerned with the well-being of all the characters in the story than He is Himself. He is genuinely concerned that someone would attack Him without provocation or reason. In contrast, Peter is seeking to save himself from trouble, and the Pharisees are seeking to maintain their position. The way of Christ is selfless love and sacrifice. The way of the world is sacrificing others to maintain one’s image and position.

Pride vs. humility

It is very clear that Jesus is filled with humility, while Peter and the Pharisees are filled with pride. Jesus has every right to destroy them all and the power to do so, yet He is humble and meek through it all. It is Peter and the Pharisees’ pride that blinds them to their actions. They are so consumed with self that they cannot see the error of their ways.

Fear of God vs. fear of man

Jesus is humble and selfless because He is living for God’s glory and does not fear man; He fears God alone. Peter and the Pharisees fear man, not God. It is their pride and fear of man that produces their hypocrisy, lies, and hard hearted behavior.

Peter vs. the Pharisees

The hero of the story is Jesus. We are either like Peter or the Pharisees. We all have sinned in our pride. We are either going to weep bitterly, repent, and be restored like Peter, or we are going to double down in our pride and be cursed like the Pharisees.


Will you repent like Peter or harden your heart like the Pharisees?


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