The New Birth is What Matters Most (John 3:1-13)

The New Birth is What Matters Most (John 3:1-13)

Nicodemus does not understand how things can be the way Jesus describes

Nicodemus does not understand the new birth. He does not comprehend that he must have a new nature by the power of God. He does not understand how a moral, religious man like himself needed to be fundamentally changed. Also, Nicodemus has based his whole standing before God on the law and religious deeds, neither of which Jesus mentions. Nicodemus cannot understand how God could accept people apart from the works of the law.

Jesus is amazed that Nicodemus was a religious leader

Jesus is amazed that Nicodemus would be in a place of leadership among the people of God. How can you teach people what God expects of them when you do not even understand the most basic truths of Scripture? If you do not understand the new birth, Jesus considers you disqualified from any position of leadership among God’s people.

Jesus explains that the new birth is very easy to understand

The Christian faith is so simple that even a child can understand it; in fact, it is so simple that you must become like a little child in order to understand it. Even a child can identify a tree by its fruit. Even a child understands that the when you see something picked up and moved in the air that there is an unseen force called the wind that has brought it about. The new birth is simply that the power of God must move you and change you by giving you a new nature. Jesus has talked about simple, observable facts of nature, and Nicodemus cannot understand what Jesus means.

If you do not understand the new birth you will not understand any spiritual truth

Jesus is emphatic that Nicodemus does not understand spiritual things because he cannot grasp simple truths about nature, fruit, the wind, and the new birth. Before any human being can understand the mysteries of Scripture he must be born again. All other truths of Scripture can only be understood by the new nature of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Jesus has come from heaven to reveal to us God’s truth

Jesus is hear telling Nicodemus that He has come directly from heaven to teach Nicodemus what he does not understand, the new birth. Jesus then shows Nicodemus in the following verses how the new birth is brought about by His death on the cross. Jesus is turning all hope for mankind to Himself. He is the only One Who has come from heaven to show us the way to the Father. As such He is the Way, and no man comes to the Father except through Him (John 14:6.)


Do you understand the new birth? If you do not understand and teach the new birth, you have no business being a teacher or being in any place of authority or leadership. It is useless to teach any spiritual truth if your hearers are not born again. Therefore, the new birth must be first and foremost in our teaching.

Are you born again?


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